Sunday, February 21, 2021

No baking required :)

Take one or more cucumbers, more if you're using kirby or miniature cucumbers.

Cut off the ends.

If you're using (a) full-sized cucumber(s), peel it/them.

Take a fork and use the tines to score* the cuke(s).  Don't worry if you can't keep the lines straight--"squiggles" won't show when you're finished.

Cut the cuke(s) into medium-thick slices.

And voila:  You just made "cucumber cookies."  :)  Put them on a plate and serve them with napkins, so that people can just eat them as "finger food."  Folks who insist on being "civilized" can eat them with a fork.  Enjoy!  


 *" to mark with lines, grooves, scratches, or notches"  I like making my cucumbers "groovy."  :)


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